Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Relay for Life Cancer Walk - Community

My friend and I holding the spirit stick to represent our school <3
Since I'm an athlete, specifically a track runner I was very much interested in the Coral Springs relay for life cancer walk. I didn't do this service because I wanted more hours of community service, I did it because as a student government member I serve the community. I even stayed at the campus overnight to raise as much money as possible for the cancer victims. I very much care about those people who's lives have been affected by this chronic illness; as do a lot of people. Yes, I have had a family member who's life was taken away from cancer, and I did this for her. It turned out to be  a very fun and exhilarating event with lots of supporting people. At the end of the event, it turned out my middle school team was the  second team to raise the most money! I was so happy, not because we won, but because we raised 15,000 dollars to help! I also earned 15 hours of community work in that night alone.  I and many other people will fight for those battling cancer, they should just know that they are not alone. Never stop living your life to the fullest and be thankful for what you are and what you have because someday it can all just go askew.

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