Thursday, January 16, 2014

Description of me- songs

The Climb by Miley Cyrus
I chose this song because it means so much to me words aren't enough. The title of the song basically sums up the song. It says that theres always going to be another struggle and I have get through it because I'm a strong person. When I listen to this song I can relate to it very clearly; It makes me feel stronger and songs like this have the power to impact a person's life. Miley says to keep your faith, don't lose hope, keep dreaming, and never back down; don't let anything get in your way because you are stronger than that. I believe in the lyric of this song because life's a climb.

Oluwa lo-ni by Wizkid 

 Although this song isn't even fully english I understand it because it is my language, Yoruba. The famous Nigerian artist, Wizkid, tells a very inspiring story of his life before God blessed him with fame and fortune. I highly respect this song because of where I come from and I can relate to the artist because we have the same culture, values, and morals. In the song he says if its up to God, I will do it, what you see sometimes can be deceiving so you have to opens your eyes and me smart in the real world. In that case, I will always keep Allah as your guide to success and freedom; Wizkid says thank God for what he's done for you, appreciate your life, appreciate you have one.

Wanted by Hunter Haynes://

     This is actually a cute country song that I absolutely love and listen to almost everyday. My close friends told me this was one of the songs that describe my love life. They say that people want to make me feel wanted, they want to make me accept the love I think I deserve. Every single word in the lyrics is how I feel most times. I want to be wanted and loved. The line " I wanna make you feel wanted, I wanna call you mine, wanna hold your hand forever and never let you forget it..." makes me think of a time in my life when someone felt this way about me and I did as well. It doesn brignback a sense of nostalgia.

Who Says by Selena Gomez

       This defines my attitude towards society  actually. The first line " wouldn't want to be anybody else." give you an idea of who I am. I am confident and although I do have my insecure moments there's nothing I'd change or rather be than myself. I am proud of who I am and I don't care about the negativity others add and say about me. Before people judge harshly, they should make sure they're perfect first; who are people to judge. This song makes me feel happy and comfortable with who I am. The title who says exhibits a person with their own state of mind who doesn't mind what others say. Selena's right, you have every right to a beautiful life.

Surah-An-Naba  Qur'an recitation

          This is not song, it is an excerpt of the Holy Qur'an. It describes what religion I am and faith I have, that of Islam. I am proud to be a muslim and I wouldn't change my beliefs for anything. My artifact is actually the Qur'an and that's one of the things I treasure the most. It reads about judgement day and the Almighty Allah. I love reciting surah's from the Qur'an, it makes me who I am and this is just one of them.

Girl on Fire by Alicia

        For the past few years people told me I've been an inspiration to them and to others. My teachers, administration and others have told someday I will make an impact on the world, that I'm fierce and I'm going to do something great. So I did choose this song to describe my strong drive and core that I have, people tell me once they know me they can never forget me. The lyrics in the songs I've heard people say to me for example, "yes you're just a girl but no ordinary one. There's something about you that everyone treasures and you just stand out." So I guess I'll take this as an opportunity to burn and show people what I've got.

Ride by Lana Del Rey

        This is a free-spirited song that describes the American dream. And although I'm not, I've always wanted to run free. I was born a wild child and I think I will keep it that way till the end. When she says 'Live Fast'- I'm sure she means to live in the moment, have fun, be... wild. Just live your life. I really like the words she used in her song because I can relate to them, "Being trying hard not to get into trouble but I've got a war in my mind." That's like the story of my life.
3000 Miles Away by Emblem3
  This is a song that makes me feel nostalgic all the time. My friends and I listen to it so often when we think of home. We are young teens in a boarding school far, far away from our families. We'll always be dreaming of a place called home. The lyrics in this song defines how I feel when I'm homesick, It think of the weather, I think of the people, and it does feel like its forever. "I'm not ok , 3000 miles away." I miss my home and I won't forget where I came from. This song makes me happy but sad; for when I'm here I wish I was there

All I do is Win by Dj Khaled

      I know the song and the title might sound a little cocky but that's not my intention. All I've throughout my life is a bit of luck. The positions I've ran for in students government or clubs have been given/earned by me. And not to sound self-centered but all I've done is win and succeed. Haters can't bring me down or beat me down. I won't give up until I get to the top, and when I do, I'll say it all came from hard work.

Hall of Fame by Script

    I believe that one day, there's gonna be a day where I'm standing in the hall of fame. My parents, people around always believed and told me one day the world will know me, I will do something they always knew I could do. I think this is one of the songs that describes me the best. Whatever I set my mind to I know I can achieve it; It's not going to be something typical, I want it to be something big. I'm an athlete, and now I believe I can do stuff that I thought never could be done by me.

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